Online French Group Classes

Would you like to learn French but are unable to come in-person to Alliance Française de San Francisco? Even if you are busy, we have online classes during your lunch break or after your workday
If so, our Online Group Classes are the perfect option for you! You can collaborate with your teacher live and engage with classmates, from your comfortable location through our “Live Classroom Technology“. All you need to virtually sit in your live class, is a computer with Internet!
Alliance Française de San Francisco offers the following online group classes for language learners anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Introduction to French:

Build a Solid Foundation

In your Lunch Break!

  • Weekly TWO 60-minute Live Online Group Class:
    • 12:30 PM (PT) – 1:30 PM (PT) Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • From October 31 to December 12
  • Special price $295 including access to After Your Class platform.

What is Included?

  • Pronunciation
  • How to Introduce Yourself
  • Numbers
  • Colors

and much more!

French for Travelers:

Be a Traveler, not a Tourist!

No Previous French Required

Valid only for ONLINE Class on:

Saturday December 9th 1:00pm- 4:00pm (Pacific Time)



Would you like to learn some essential French before traveling to France or a French-speaking country? In a relaxed, informal setting, using maps, menus, and other authentic materials, this workshop will help you to communicate in situations commonly encountered abroad.

Get more out of your trip and travel with greater confidence.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Meet, greet, and get to know people
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Plan and book cultural, seasonal activities
  • Order a meal in bistros and restaurants
  • Buy tickets for and use public transportation
  • Communicate politely with boutique, hotel, and restaurant staff

By taking an online class, Live Collaboration with your teacher and your classmates, will go deeper than face-to-face.

Live Collaboration with your teacher will happen in an environment with live video and audio interaction, instant messaging and access to educational tools such as a Shared Notepad and learning materials, which will create quality outcome.

  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details about your class and some technical advice and sample videos.
  • Few minutes before your class begins, your teacher will e-mail you the invitation link to the class. Just click on it and you will be placed in the live session!
  • A Computer with Internet Connection
  • Web Browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox provide better Audio/Video quality)
  • Webcam
  • Headphone with Microphone (Like your smart phone’s headphone!)
  • If you feel you need more help, feel free to schedule a free trial session for technical help here.


Send Us an Email to: online [at] afsf [dot] com

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