French for Business


In addition to group classes of varying intensity, we offer customized courses, designed for professional groups.
The groups consist of only 4 to 12 students to ensure that each participant gets the opportunity to speak and to benefit from individual attention.

The Alliance française offers companies two options of group classes to choose from : on your premises or in our classrooms at 1345 Bush Street.
If you are interested in scheduling corporate classes, would like more information, want to set up an appointment or have any inquiries email us at:


We offer 7 different modules to fit your needs.

Each module is 10 hours long – you can choose the module(s) that apply to your project.

We can create special modules by request (for example, in tourism, banking, medicine, …), with 1.5 hours minimum for each lesson.

We can accommodate a wide range of schedules. Classes can be held during the day, lunchtime or in the evening.

They can be private or semi-private classes on your premises.

We can also set up an intensive learning program several times a week if you are planning a meeting or business trip soon.

Some basic knowledge of French will make your progress quicker, but we can also offer courses for complete beginners with some modifications.

For greater immersion, the entire course will be in French. The goal is to be able to use French in different business situations and to handle cultural differences.

Such courses will feature specific vocabularies and simulated interactions that you will face in the business world.


Come and learn with other working people. 



Module 1: Communication Basics

  • Greetings
  • Presenting yourself and the company
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Writing formal and informal emails
  • Phone conversations
  • Writing a formal letter (depending on students proficiency)
  • Making appointments
  • Cultural tips: Do’s and don’ts


 Module 2: Business Trips

  • Make reservations for transportation, hotel, restaurants
  • Getting directions
  • Registering: at the airport or at the hotel
  • Ordering at the restaurant
  • Meeting with the client /dejeuner d’affaire
  • Business etiquette


 Module 3: Selling

  • Presentation of a product or service
  • Negotiating
  • Comparing your product
  • Innovation


 Module 4:  Basics of French-speaking Cultures

  • Tools to help you have an informal conversation with your colleague or client.
  • Ways to show interest and knowledge about their country and culture.
  • Topics for a business dinner, and topics to avoid.
  • Brief history review.
  • Discover some famous artists, authors, and movies.
  • Check current cultural events in the country.
  • Understand current events: what people are talking or concerned about.


Module 5: Meetings / Conferences

  • Commenting on and interpreting numbers and graphics in French
  • Answering questions
  • Reporting
  • Planning the future

Module 6 : Customer relationships

  • Dealing with and solving problems
  • Handling unhappy clients
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Marketing and advertising

Module 7: Recruitment

  • Writing a resume and cover letter
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Cultural:
    • Education vs. Experience
    • Value of diplomas
    • The organization of French companies
    • the labor market