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The Alliance Française presents art collections linked to Francophone countries or cultures.

You are an artist? You would like share your art and have an exhibition at the Alliance Française ? Please send us some pictures and a presentation about you and your Art at events@afsf.com.


FALL 2016 : French Postcards


Thalia Stratton’s Art Exhibit is presented at the Alliance Française of San Francisco in our gallery.


SUMMER 2016 :Paint and neuroesthetics

Learn more about Dorothée Chabas here.From July 21st until August 24th, French artist and current San Francisco resident Dorothée Chabas is presenting her work in our gallery.


Du 21 juillet au 24 août, l’artiste française Dorothée Chabas, qui vit actuellement à San Francisco, expose ses oeuvres au sein de l’Alliance Française.

Plus d’informations sur Dorothée Chabas ici.


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SPRING 2016: New Look on the African Bantu Mask

photo (9)The Alliance Française de San Francisco featured the art of Josiane Mengue.  Mengue has always been passionate about art since her childhood. African masks have particularly captivated her attention especially with their shapes and dark colors. Daughter of the sun and child of Central Africa, she is half-Bantu (Ethnic group). She decided to take a new look on the African Bantu mask by integrating a part of herself into her art: a light blend of her cultures. She invites you to immerse yourself into her world through her masks. The mixture of bright and pale colors and her creative brush will mesmerize you.

About Josiane Mengue

Josiane Mengue is from Cameroon, Central Africa. She has spent time in France and Brazil, and is a polyglot. In September 2010, Mengue was hired by a NGO, as an education coordinator, working on campaigns against domestic violence in Northern California.  Mengue has sixteen years of experience in various areas of social work such as drug abuse, housing, follow-up medical care, social integration and rehabilitation, immigration, migrants and perinatal services affecting pregnant women.  Mengue equally has nine years of experience in public health. She obtained her Masters in Public Health at San Francisco State University. She loves the arts.



photo (3)L’Alliance Française de San Francisco a présenté l’art de Josiane Mengue. Josiane Mengue a toujours été passionée d’art depuis sa tendre enfance. Le masque Africain a particulièrement captivé son attention pour ses formes et couleurs sombres. Fille du soleil et enfant de l’Afrique Centrale, elle est semi-Bantou. Elle a décidé de porter un regard nouveau sur le masque Africain Bantou en integrant une partie d’elle-même dans son art: un léger mélange de cultures. Elle vous invite à vous imerger dans son univers à travers ses masques. Le mélange de couleurs vives et pâles et son coup de pinçeau créateur vous enchantera.





 Spring to fall 2015 : A corner of France in America

2015 was the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), the World’s Fair celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal and showcasing San Francisco’s recovery from the devastation of the 1906 earthquake and fire and its reemergence as a global city.

May 1st for the exhibit’s grand opening, we celebrated on the occasion of the Centennial of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, and presented an exhibit  celebrating the importance of the French community in San Francisco’s History, with an introduction by Dr. Claudine Chalmers.

Thousands of French immigrants contributed to the founding and growth of the City by the Bay, from its earliest days to the present. These posters and artifacts offer a glimpse of just how French San Francisco was and still is, and why it was known as the Paris of the Pacific.  Please note this is not an event, but an exhibit open to the public.