Dear AFSF members, students, and friends,

You are hereby cordially invited to attend this year’s Assemblée Générale, to be held at the Alliance Française de San Francisco (AFSF) on March 15, 2017.

As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, the AFSF is required by law to hold an annual meeting, which is open to the public. At this meeting, we’ll be giving an overview of our recent cultural and educational activities, presenting financial results for 2016, and voting on whether to have current board members—Dori Bonn, Goery Delacote, and Mark Opperman—serve additional three-year terms.

The public has the right to propose other candidates to serve on the AFSF board. If you yourself are interested in serving on the board or would like to propose someone who is interested, please be aware that candidates’ names must be submitted in writing by February 28, 2017, in order to be considered.


AFSF Assemblée Générale

DATE: March 15, 2017

TIME: 6 p.m.

ADDRESS: 1345 Bush Street – San Francisco


Founded in 1889, the AFSF is one of the oldest cultural institutions in San Francisco. Thanks to your support, we continue to be a vital and vibrant member of the community, promoting French language, film, art, and literature.

If you haven’t visited our headquarters on Bush Street recently, find some time to come by. Our French classes were named the best in San Francisco by CBS News in 2016. Our Tuesday night French films are very popular. And we have one of the largest French-language lending libraries in the country, including books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs.

We have many exciting events upcoming. Our website has all the latest news. Or sign up for our weekly e-mail blast.

Spice up your life with a little French in 2017, and we’ll hope to see you at the Assemblée Générale on March 15th.

All the best in the meantime, et à bientôt,