Our Afterschool at Rooftop Elementary are for kids between 6 and 10.

ONLY KIDS REGISTERED AT ROOFTOP ELEMENTARY CAN REGISTER FOR THIS PROGRAM, if you kid is not registered at Rooftop Elementary please check our Afterschool programs at AFSF.

The program for this age group is activity based.

Students are presented with various activities (games, songs, role-playing etc.) as a means of encouraging them to speak French.

While the class is conducted entirely in French, we make every attempt to cater to the specific needs and abilities of each child.

Small class size ensures that each child receives maximum individual attention.

Beginner Level

1:50pm to 3:05pm
Fall semester : From Tuesday, October 3rd  to Tuesday, December 19th

No class on November 21st

Children from 6 to 10, complete beginners to intermediate, able to read and write.

 Textbook used: Alex et Zoe 1.

Textbook + Workbook + CD not included in registration fee.

Alex et Zoe 1 [ Textbook + Workbook + CD ] = $52.35